Why choose SleepSpace?

Travelling with your little one or visiting relatives is not always smooth sailing. The worry of where baby will play and sleep safely is always a concern, with the SleepSpace on hand to lend a quiet, secure place for baby to rest his head the worry is made a little lighter. At 6kg the SleepSpace can be moved with ease from room to room, house to house or even country to country. SleepSpace is already fully assembled in the bag, with new even easier locking mechanisms and simple opening structure the cot is a breeze to open and close, move and travel with baby in hand. 

Some travel cots are just plain difficult to maneuver around the home, but with SleepSpace the simple click open locks make it easy to fold in and move using the center piece as a handle making it easy to move around with just one hand. Got stairs? no problem! 

At a glance:

  • Mattress Size: 67x94x2cm
  • Colour: Kiwi, Ruby, Tangerine, Pebble
  • Standard travel cot sheets
  • No Ridge / No bumps
  • Soft, Secure, Support, for you and baby
  • Multifunctional – Includes tepee, and mosquito net
  • New-born – 3 Years – Certified
  • Breathable – Mesh sides
  • Lightweight – Only 6kg
  • Transport Friendly – light carry bag included

and Breathe.. 

SleepSpace is designed with fully breathable mesh sides down to floor level, so every corner of your babies sleeping area is safe even if baby travels in her sleep, it also makes for easy viewing so mum’s and dad’s sleep easy knowing they can see exactly how baby is sleeping. And don’t worry, those floor level mesh sides aren’t a problem with knocks and bumps, its designed with outer barriers for added protection. 

For information on safe sleeping for you and your baby see the NHS website for all you need.

Easily accessible…

Now with floor level zip door, newly mobile babies and toddlers can travel in and out of the cot for a fun game of peekaboo with you, making bonding easy, helping your little one find confidence in his surroundings, and even aiding personal development by allowing baby to travel freely in and out he or she choses when to nap and have some quiet time.

The fun tepee factor…

Have your tots moved on from travel cot sleeping? There’s no need to move on from the SleepSpace just yet! The SleepSpace tepee is designed with multi use in view, reducing waste and reusing products. Have fun with all the family or set up as a book corner or quiet area for your toddler in the bedroom. Enjoy! 

See the detail…

Every SleepSpace offers your baby a supportive and comfortable sleep. With full size travel cot mattress – at 67cm x 94 cm x 2cm it fits a standard travel cot fitted sheet as seen here at Mothercare.com. Safe in the knowledge that your baby is comfortable on a completely flat mattress it is seam free with no folding sections seen on many travel cots today – No ridge or bump. 30mm of mattress allows for a soft and secure nights sleep but if you did want to add an extra layer of comfort then it is possible to do so with a similar sized standard travel cot mattress.

Safety certified…

Use from newborn – 3 years the floor level mesh sides offer breathable safe sides promoting a healthy breathing space for your precious bundle. Always having safety in mind we added fabric barriers to the base of the cot – no accidental bumps here. Click to review

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Safe from Mosquitoes…

With its very own custom made mosquito net elasticated around the middle to fit snugly to the frame SleepSpace gives full protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Just an itch or potentially dangerous? The mosquito is the most deadly animal on earth. Mosquitoes carry malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and the Zika virus to name but  few. Most mosquito bites will only result in an unpleasant itchy bite. But the type of mosquitoes to carry dangerous disease are spreading into Northern Europe, for example the Tiger mosquito

Protected play even while standing all thanks to the unique pyramid shape of the SleepSpace, your baby can comfortably pull themselves up to stand with the net still in place. Our customers in Scotland have praised the SleepSpace mosquito net as it prevents those irritating midges from reaching baby.

Must see Scotland

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reuse as a play tepee: BabyHub SleepSpace multi-use travel cot has been designed with the environmental impact in mind. By including a tepee cover with the travel cot, BabyHub SleepSpace is reusable as a play tepee, greatly extending the product life cycle. Great for older brothers and sisters too, as well as baby! Currently available as a white cotton canvas tepee cover, with patterns planned for the future!

Simply throw the cover over the travel cot, and with the zipped door open and fabric barrier folded back, it transforms into a play tepee

Environmental and social impact summary

Babyhub SleepSpace is designed with environmental protection in mind. The design means that few materials are used in a multi-use product. There is also a tepee cover, which allows the product to be reused as a play tent for the older baby, extending product life cycle.

Life Cycle Environmental Issues

Raw Materials Extraction and processing

The greatest environmental impact is from the production of aluminium. It is an energy intensive process. Average water use in alumina refineries is 2.9kilolitres per tonne. Land is despoiled but there are post mining restoration programmes. CO2 emissions are falling per tonne to half 1990 levels. PFCs (perflourocarbons) have reduced by 90% per tonne of aluminium produced (Australia). There are plans for carbon capture, locking CO2 into the “red mud” left after alumina is extracted from bauxite, for example by Alcoa. Spent pot lining from the smelting industry is hazardous waste some of which can be recycled. Fluoride emissions from smelting are down by over 60% since 1990. Energy use is about 30% of the operating costs of aluminium production.

Recycling saves up to 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production. One third of all aluminium metal entering the global market is recycled.

Another environmental impact is from the production of polyester travel cot fabric, (Production energy for polyester is 84-93MJ/kg) but discharged effluent from dyeing and bleaching can be treated to reduce contaminants. Processes such as these are analysed when visiting the factory and/or asking our agent to inspect and report for us. Materials produced for manufacture of baby goods are already restricted in many ways which minimise environmental impact, for example, levels of Azo dyes in fabrics and cadmium in plastics are strictly controlled


Energy is used in machining of fabric and for some processes in assembling of the product.

However, manufacturing impacts have been reduced substantially by basing components on moulded parts/what is already available and being made in the factory with minimal adjustments required. It aims to be a good example of Lean Design

Transport and Distribution

International sea freight has a smaller environmental impact than air freight and the product will be brought to the UK by sea freight and then by road to warehouse and retail outlets. To minimise energy wastage, only full container loads will be transported. The product is designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible to minimise packaging and impact of distribution, for example by the use of lightweight mesh for most of the fabric area and a lightweight aluminium frame.

End of Life, Reuse, Re-manufacture, Recycling and Disposal

Aluminium is recyclable. Many families can reuse the product for other children and also it is designed to be reused as a play tent/wigwam, extending the product life greatly.

Environmental Impact Summary

The planned method of manufacture is the best for good diffusion of the product, for it to be widely available and affordable, as it will fit into existing structures and processes, which will also minimise the environmental impact. It is well designed to make minimal use of materials and energy and is also multi-use.

Social Sustainability

There are three pillars to sustainable development: social, economic and environmental. There is disagreement about criteria for social sustainability. A useful guide can be taken from the quotation: “Social sustainability focuses on the personal assets like education, skills, experience, consumption, income and employment while institutional sustainability aims at interpersonal processes like democracy and participation (institutional mechanisms) distributional and gender equity (institutional orientations) or independent and pluralistic sources of information (organisations) (Spangenberg 2002b). To ensure social sustainability of the manufacture and distribution of the product , BabyHub visits our agent, factory and logistics warehouse to view employee practices. As for consumption, the patents and trademarks have been filed in China, as well as the US and Europe, to take account of the development of consumerism in China, challenging existing patterns of consumption that support global inequity as well as environmental degradation.

BabyHub’s companies make use of the organisation Board Apprentice to ensure diversity on our board of directors.

Customers had their say…

“Once you’ve got it you can do it one handed just as the adverts say, if we are at relative’s not so baby-proof houses, I partially collapse it to take it from the bedroom into the living room. It can provide a nice play space for my baby as well as blocking off areas of the room which are too dangerous. . One thing which is great is that the cot is all mesh on the inside, so there’s nothing for your baby to bang against (though you will definitely trip over it in the first week before you get used to the space it takes up). This is great when your baby likes a bit of sleep crawling.” Zubair Jasat

As far as being comfy is concerned Kipper seems to love the cot falling asleep and more importantly staying asleep whenever we use it. I think this is in part to the extra mattress included with the cot, I like the shape, its unusual and you can remove one of the pyramid legs from the top to make it easier to get baby in and out.” – Mudpiefridays

“Great for the older kids when they come to play, The zip door was great it allowed me to put my daughter in without waking her.” Amazon customer 

I love the versatility of this product. A bed, a playpen, a little cocoon. It comes with its own bag making it that much more portable. The mattress is quite firm and thick.” Mum of 1, Gayle

“This is a great product, with a fun design and lots of space. It’s also light.” Mum of 3, Meena

“A doddle to put up, practical, stylish, comes with a mosquito net and can be transformed into a tepee for older toddlers” –Madeformums

If you’d like to leave a review please email content to “info@babyhubshop.com”