The BabyHub SleepSpace is a revolution in design. The pyramid shape provides a framework for covers, and BabyHub’s mosquito net cover is designed to be secured to the SleepSpace, providing protection against mosquitoes and other insects for baby. The netting stays in place even for a baby who can pull themselves up to stand, or toddler, allowing space to sleep and play while protected from insects. The pyramid shape is stable and secure – perfect for keeping baby safe. So easy to use, it allows for essential bonding between parent and child.

A truly portable safe space, the BabyHub SleepSpace can be opened out, closed up and carried in one easy movement, all while holding the baby!

This multi-use product can be used as a:

  • travel-cot
  • A mosquito proof zone
  • play space
  • and reused as a play-tepee

BabyHub SleepSpace comes with its own fitted mosquito net cover and carry bag