A truly portable safe Sleepspace, can be opened, closed and carried in one easy movement, all while holding baby! 

The Sleepspace travel cot is a revolution in design at only 6kg it’s a lightweight, easily portable travel cot with a strong, stable, pyramid structure that acts as a frame for a mosquito net, that is designed to be secured to the cot, and canvas tepee cover; providing protection to baby against mosquitoes and other insects the netting stays in place even for a baby who can pull themselves up to stand, or toddler, allowing space to sleep and play while protected from insects. Perfect for new mums the new improved design has a lower zipped door for easy access, and new improved simpler locking mechanisms.

Included in your purchase:

  • Sleepspace Travel-cot
  • Sleepspace Thick mattress
  • Sleepspace Mosquito Net
  • Sleepspace Tepee Canvas
  • Sleepspace Carry Bag