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We feel very passionate about the work that Zubaida and her company do, to support women and girls in less privileged countries, and ensure their health is of the upmost importance during child birth and after. We wanted to show our support with a birth kit donation for every SleepSpace purchased. It is important to demonstrate how together we can make a difference to women’s health solutions for the better. The support from BabyHub is vital in raising awareness of the poor conditions some mothers have to endure during childbirth. To date Ayzh have sold more than 300,000 kits to health institutions in 20 countries, touching the lives of more than 600,000 women and newborns. To learn more about Ayzh and the work Zubaida does please follow the link.


We had some really interesting reviews in the last few weeks.

Of particular interest to grandparents would be this one:

Teddy bears and cardigans is a blog written by a grandmother: “ I’m a grandmother to Bear and a blogger based in Cardiff, Wales. We love days out, making things and having as much fun as possible.”


Also we had a blog review and video review by the amazing parent bloggers Mudpie Fridays. They took the SleepSpace travel cot with them and baby Kipper on a camping trip. See all the details here:


and the video here:

Please do let us know if you’re a parent using BabyHub SleepSpace and would like to do a review 🙂