The Safe Birth Kit

For every BabyHub SleepSpace sold, BabyHub pays for a safe birth kit for a mum in the developing world.



Founder of BabyHub, Catherine Curtis, heard Zubaida Bai, president of Ayzh, give a TED talk and then asked Zubaida if we could support their work:  Zubaida Bai on TED

Zubaida’s organisation, Ayzh, sends out clean birth kits (Janma) to women who don’t have access to safe birth care. The disposable delivery kit consists of items guided by the World Health Organisations’ “Six Cleans”, including such items as sterile gloves, a surgical blade, a cord clamp – the essentials for a clean birth. Thus giving women and babies a clean, infection-free start to life.

Zubaida Bai, president and chief executive of Ayzh, was inspired to start her company after meeting a midwife in India who said she used a glass-cutting tool to cut the umbilical cord. “I just couldn’t take in what I was seeing and that led to the discovery of clean birth kits,” Bai said.

Bai, who is an engineer, began to make cheap, clean birthing kits in 2012. As of the end of March 2016, 270,000 of her kits are out in the market.

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