About Us

BabyHub are an innovative brand who are reaching out to the parent and carers of infants who enjoy the benefits of well designed, effective, easy to use baby products.

We wanted to come to you with a little history in our “all about us”.

The BabyHub Team

BabyHub’s founder is designer, Catherine Curtis. Catherine is a mum, and has worked as a nanny, childminder and foster carer. Therefore she has looked after a lot of babies! Catherine used to work as an artist while based in the mountains of Valencia. She lived a simple life without mains electricity or water. She is now based in Jersey, at the centre of BabyHub’s R&D HQ. Before that Catherine worked as a successful artist, for example winning in the JJ Fox international art competition.

Product Design

Finally Catherine turned her creative focus to product design. She studied innovation and gained a BSc (Hons) Degree First Class. As a result her design ability combined with an obsessive focus on products (Catherine is diagnosed with high functioning autism) and experience of child care resulted in the creation of a unique baby travel cot, the SleepSpace. Going from concept to finished product took several years and the addition of around twenty more people! The shareholders and directors of Babyhub Ltd include some with extensive international business experience. Furthermore there are many more exciting products in development.

Patents and manufacturing

BabyHub has great patent attorneys who protect the unique baby products https://www.wilsongunn.com/

Our logisitics are based in Dunstable and our travel cot, like all travel cots (tell us otherwise if you hear of one) is made in China. Some are assembled elsewhere but still manufactured in China. Furthermore we have visited the factory and have an agent in Beijing. Here’s a picture of the pattern cutting room in the factory:

To assist with product development we have worked with product design students. Consequently improving our products and innovation with help from Portsmouth University and Nottingham Trent University

In the January of 2018 Gemma became the newest member of the team. Gemma is responsible for building customer relations as Operations and business development assistant, Gemma has a mixed work background and has worked in many different fields on her journey to BabyHub’s ranks. Her exuberant personality is sure to win you over with her enthusiastic approach to work life. In her spare time Gemma’s main priority in life is her energetic 2 year old daughter. However Gemma’s real passion is DIY and she is often up a ladder or covered in paint with a drill in her hand. Have a question? Email gem@babyhubshop.com who will be sure to get back to you.

BabyHub believes in enriching the lives of parents and infants by innovating from cultural awareness, expertise and empathy.
BabyHub develop products that are innovative, safe, desirable and dependable in the home or on the move.



BabyHub are an innovative brand who are reaching out to the parent and carers of infants who enjoy the benefits of well designed, effective, easy to use products.

Safety Conscious

Our solutions that fit with their safety expectations, lifestyle, living environment and budget.

Design Conscious

We develop and deliver intuitive, safe, well thought-out products that are stylish and dependable in the home or on the move.


We believe in attention to detail thinking through how our products will be used. Built with the best materials and to the highest standards, BabyHub products will not let you down.
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