About Us

At BabyHub, we seek to innovate; creating lasting products that prioritise your child’s safety and are easy to use. We reach out to parents and carers to ensure we’re continuously providing the best products and a service you can depend on.

Our dedicated and expert team help to make everything possible.

Catherine Curtis is our founder and designer. She is based at the heart of our Research & Development headquarters in Jersey. A mother and an artist, Catherine’s background as a nanny, childminder, and foster carer inspired her to set up BabyHub and to develop the NeoSpace and SleepSpace.

Amanda Overland is the newest addition to the team, joining in August 2020 as our CEO. Having built her own brand, Fizbag (a reusable shopping bag), Amanda brings a wealth of experience to the role. And as a single mother of two teenage daughters, she is more than familiar with the journey from pregnancy to “toddlerhood” and beyond.