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We truly believe that BabyHub will make parents’ lives easier and babies’ lives safer and are proud to bring you our award winning products.

INDEPENDENT PARENT REVIEWS: 5 star review on UK’s biggest independent parent testing site, Made for Mums. Follow link for details including photos and video, and more reviews:

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BabyHub SleepSpace is a revolution in design – a mosquito proof baby room! A travel cot that converts to a play tepee! The pyramid shape is stable and secure, perfect for keeping baby safe. So easy to use, it allows for essential bonding between parent and child.

A truly portable safe space, the BabyHub SleepSpace can be opened out and closed up in seconds, and carried even while holding the baby!

This multi-use product can be used as a travel cot, play space and reused as a play-tepee! 

NEW! Following feedback from parent testers, we now include the mosquito netting with the SleepSpace along with its very own cotton canvas tepee cover. It is the world’s first travel cot to have a safe-to-use mosquito net cover safe even for babies who can pull themselves up to stand.


Platinum Award Winner LBC Awards

Tried and Tested LBC Awards 


BabyHub SleepSpace Tepee is designed to be used with the BabyHub SleepSpace travel cot and now comes with your Sleepspace purchase.  It’s a quality white cotton canvas tepee cover, which can be just thrown over the SleepSpace travel cot to convert to a play tepee. Combined with the frame it weighs just 6kg so is easy to carry from place to place. Simple to set up, fold up and move, even while carrying a baby!

A plain white canvas waiting for your child’s own designs. It can be drawn on with fabric pens, washed and drawn on all over again!

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